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Jamie Beck, the founder and Director of JAKS SOLUTIONS, is a senior leader with 19 years’ experience working with international retail and supply chains. Driven, compelling, well-organised and consistently results-oriented with a track record of inspiring high performing teams and collaborations to deliver impact at scale. 


Currently, Managing Director of JAKS SOLUTIONS LTD, a Sustainability and Supply Chain Management Consultancy working with business and organisations to add value to existing operations and turn ideas into action.


At Arcadia Group Ltd, in his role as Arcadia’s ‘Head of Supplier Management’, Jamie was accountable for a wide range of areas, including managing all aspects of Supplier Management for all 7 of Arcadia’s brands.


The Arcadia Group’ principal activities are the retailing wholesaling and franchising of clothing and accessories in the UK and internationally through stores and the internet. The Group trades under the brand names Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Burton, Wallis, Evans, Miss Selfridge and Outfit. Group turnover is more than GBP 1.8 billion per annum.

Jamie’s role entailed managing over 600 suppliers, 1000+ factories in over 50 countries. He was responsible for building, monitoring and managing these relationships. Jamie worked closely with group sourcing to track sourcing patterns and provide detailed product information to the business. 


Jamie led Arcadia’s Sustainability programme ‘Fashion Footprint’, which incorporates both the social and environmental dimensions of the way Arcadia manages its business and supply chain. In his position Jamie led the fashion footprint steering group, reporting directly to the Chief Executive to provide strategic oversight; ensuring that sustainability-related opportunities realised, and risks managed effectively, and resources allocated in the right way.

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Providing expertise and value in all areas of Supplier Management to reduce costs, increase speed to market and ensure goods are delivered ‘right first time’. Comprehensive experience in the following areas:

  • Identifying supply chain cost savings

  • Manging the cost to serve customers & clients

  • Risk assessments of supply chains

  • Supplier sourcing and selection

  • Strategic supplier reviews – increase, reduce, maintain

  • Supplier intro and exit strategies

  • Working with suppliers to improve their performance and capabilities

  • Development of supplier rating methodologies

  • Reporting and using supplier data effectively

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Adding value to businesses by creating, developing and improving their Sustainability strategies by:

  • Reviewing current business operations to identify risks and opportunities (including financial)

  • Creating appropriate governance structures and workstreams to maximise success

  • Setting applicable business policies, procedures and guidelines

  • Developing internal and external communication schedules to engage employees and customers

  • Mapping, engaging and managing internal and external stakeholder relationships

  • Creating suitable targets to drive immediate and long-term achievements

  • Creating practical reporting and monitoring tools ensuring necessary data is collected, analysed and feedback

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Offering expertise on all areas of Ethical Trading and Modern Slavery, from Code of Conduct management to developing beyond audit solutions. Including:

  • Developing social audit and monitoring programs

  • Experience in creating, implementing and monitoring Codes of Conduct

  • Creating Modern Slavery Statements

  • Proving appropriate toolkits to manage Ethical Trading

  • Creating automated web-based platforms to manage the supply chain and audit information

  • Mapping and risk assessing complex supply chains

  • Development of beyond auditing programmes

  • Providing expert advice and guidance on vulnerable worker groups, e.g. Migrant, Contract, Homeworkers

  • Creating internal/external training programs to raise awareness and change behaviour

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Extensive experience in managing disruptive, unexpected events that threaten to damage businesses reputations, activities and their stakeholders. With skills and techniques required to identify, assess, understand, and cope with a difficult situation.

  • Experience in acting quickly to resolve immediate impacts and limit risks

  • Creating, reviewing and developing crisis management strategies

  • Developing stakeholder roles and responsibilities

  • Creating due diligence plans to support business credibility

  • Using a crisis to develop opportunities

  • Helping businesses learn from a disaster to establish future stronger business models

  • Support companies dealing with media exposes and enquiries



Extensive experience in all aspects of Quality Management. The capability of advising on activities and tasks required to maintain the desired level of quality. Creating policy, implementing quality planning and assurance as well as quality control and improvements. Activities include:

  • Development and management of quality and delivery standards

  • Management of global inspection programmes

  • Working with specialist inspection companies

  • Reviewing and improving quality management systems, including AQL Management

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