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  • Jamie Beck

Coronavirus. How businesses must be prepared to manage a Crisis

Unfortunate tragic events, such as the current spread of the Coronavirus, will continue to happen. In such a connected world, the speed and impact of any major crisis are wide-reaching and can be extremely difficult to manage.

I wanted to share a few things taken from my experiences of dealing with crises within a business in the hope that it can help others. It is not taken from a crisis management textbook, and most of it is common sense, but that is what sometimes can get missed when such events occur.

Do Not

  • Panic and make knee jerk reactions immediately when a crisis arises

  • Overthink how to manage a crisis and prepare for every eventuality that may never happen

  • Engage with your customers and stakeholders until the business has agreed on an appropriate action plan


  • Risk asses your company so you are fully aware of areas where a crisis would most likely occur

  • Identify, assess and understand any crisis before creating an appropriate plan of action

  • Have a nominated Crisis Management Team set up to deal with such a situation and effective emergency communications in place. It can be as simple as creating a WhatsApp group

  • Talk to trusted colleagues and businesses for advice before acting, many of them would have been through a similar experience and know what to do

  • Create a strategic communication plan for all stakeholders

  • Ensure that your business activities are not reliant upon single suppliers or services wherever possible (not putting all your eggs in one basket!)

  • Learn from a crisis. Most businesses will find that at the end of crisis they will have learned valuable lessons that will improve their business practices

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